About Us

4 Valve is a trading company started in 2009 to answer the need of high precision industry such as the modelcars collectible items, which is a very unique market.

Since 1989 we work on the moulding and injection industry and all the know-how and experience we have on this industry was acquired by working with European and Chinese Market, latter on we specialized on high precision industry, such as the modelcars collectible items answering to specific needs of this unique market.

We started back on the 80´s with the production of moulds and assembling parts mainly for the automotive, electronics and electric industry. Quality was and still is a major concern for our company and to guarantee the final quality product we monitor all the process either in Europe as well as in China. We developed along the years, trustable and reliable partnerships on the international Chinese market, which give us a flexible capability to meet the client’s needs.

It’s essential for all businesses that quality and cost control stand together to obtain success, that’s our prior concern, helping our customers on getting a successful project!

Currently 4 Valve works in the areas: